About Us

JackPoint Jackstands, LLC is an Illinois LLC and manufacturer of the JackPoint jack stand.  The stands were first conceived track side as the inventor watched enthusiasts trying to find a secure way to support their cars while performing brake pad and rotor changes.  As he observed drivers trying to place their cars on jack stands, he realized the ideal place for the jack stand - the factory jacking location - was usually blocked by the jack that was used to lift the car.  The objective in inventing the Jackpoint Jackstand was to create a jack stand that could be placed in the same location as the jack.

The original stands were designed in 2007 and were initially fabricated from plate steel. 

The "A" in the Jackpoint logo and trademark was inspired by this steel jack stand.

After testing the original jack stands at the race track and in the garage, a decision was made to redesign the stand as a cast product rather than fabricated.

A computer model was created and tested using Final Element Analysis to maximize strength.

The computer model was used to create a pattern from which prototype castings were created.

These castings were subjected to physical stress testing to verify load bearing capabilities.

The unique design characteristics of the Jackpoint Jackstand make it the ultimate
jack stand for use
trackside or in your garage.  Only Jackpoint Jackstands allow
you to use your jack to lift and support 
car on the same factory jacking location. 
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